Jon Kantrowitz

So, who is this man?

Jon Kantrowitz is an American interface and interaction designer. He hails from Long Island, New York, and currently resides in beautiful Seattle, Washington. The son of a dentist and a teacher, Jon is the third of four minus the middle child syndrome. Jon is in love with a chemical engineer and together they have an awesome Goldendoodle named Hank Floyd.

Where'd he get his start with design?

Jon got his creative start as an 11-year-old working in television production for his school district's TV studio and live production truck. He worked in the studio throughout middle and high school and in college majored in TV production at the New York Institute of Technology. During those years a few significant events happened: Jon bought his first Mac, a luxo iMac with all his Bar-Mitzvah money, rendering him broke. As a result he was only able to afford free, open-source software and became involved in the community. To make some money, at age 17 he started freelancing for Comedy Central making on-air graphics and working on optimized typography for Scrubs and South Park. During the summers he filmed horse races at Belmont racetrack including the famous Belmont Stakes. Inspired by his community work in the open-source Mac app scene, and creation of Pinna music player, Jon had a creative change of heart and became a self-taught product interface and interaction designer. To improve and formalize his design and user research skills, Jon attended Carnegie Mellon’s, Human-Computer Interaction Institute.

Who's he worked for?

Shortly after graduating, Jon would move to Palo Alto to design tablet apps and emerging experiences for TiVo. It didn’t take long long until Jon jumped at an exciting design opportunity at TV remote hardware startup, Peel. At Peel, Jon created and designed their social platform and experiences for live TV and helped grow the product to Android OS. After years on the side, Pinna would finally take Jon’s focus full-time, where he and Kevin released v2.0 with an updated UI and music streaming in partnership with Exfm. It wasn’t long until Live Nation Labs beckoned with the most rewarding opportunity to-date. He and his partner, Kevin would work in-person for the first time in six years and open the San Francisco office alongside three others. Together, Jon and Kevin helped craft the new Live Nation mobile app experience. Jon is currently a senior product designer at Uber leading the design efforts for their scheduled rides and airports experiences.

How was this site made?

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Why the hell does he write like this?

Let's just say mistakes were made.