Jon Kantrowitz


Interface & Interaction Design | Prototyping | Front-End | Visuals

I am the product design lead for the Rider Expansion organization, which is focused on three key areas: airports and venues, events, and scheduled rides. My work spans across our rider and driver applications, marketplace systems, and internal tools. Much of my work involves heavy design strategy, prototyping and experimentation. Prior to joining rider expansion in Seattle, I was a member of Uber's growth organization in San Francisco, where I contributed to designing the first in-app driver earnings experience and created a cohesive mobile and web UI for partners to share and track their referrals. Other projects I've worked on include Uber's first attempt at a commute product and various driver engagement initiatives. Currently, I am focused on a comprehensive redesign of our partner's experience at airports, venues, and events globally, improving rider way-finding and physical pickup experiences in these unique environments, and making the scheduled rides experience more reliable and improving emotional reassurance.

Scheduled Rides V1

Scheduled rides is an experience I created for the company in under 6 months from conception to global rollout.

Scheduled Rides V2

Airports and Venues Pickup Selection

Made in Seattle | v5